It Truly is Torture

It is what you haven’t done that will torment you.

WE all have one… The box of what-ifs… and buts… and maybes… and I should have said sorry… and I wish I was there… and I miss yous and I should have said I love yous and I’ll get to it laters… and I’m not good enough so I’ll stop halfway through… That box is the holding ground for all of our self-doubts.

Well, you know what you should do with that box… TORCH that m*th*r – f*ck’r!

All those amazing ideas… you know the ones you were scared to pursue because they were so far out there that it scared the hell out of you? You know the ideas I am talking about… the ideas that quickened your pulse and made your blood rush through your body as your brain reeled trying to keep up with the creative energy that was flowing into you… Ya, those ideas…

Go re-visit one. OR go pursue the one that is knocking at your door right now! All that will happen is that you will open more doors to more ideas and find your true calling, your true passion — the job you don’t need a vacation from.

The only person holding you back is you — Cut out your excuses, man up, and you’ll see that you were the only one who has been in your way this whole time.

Regret leads to torment… Do you really want to live that way, never knowing what could have been when you had the opportunity to find out??

Open the door.

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