Start Betting on the Right People

I am my best investment,

You take risks, you jump at unforeseen obstacles, and you spend hours a day …working on a task for someone else…

YOU are your best investment.

You are the only constant in your life, utilize that gift.

Yes, invest time, money, love, etc… in others, but do not deny yourself the gratification you allow others through your merits.


Ya know that project you’ve been day-dreaming about for years — put pen to paper and bring it to life.

I say, If you are going to fail – fail because you gave it your all. If you are going to succeed – succeed because you wouldn’t give up.

Too many people view failure as the end, but they miss the unforeseen beginning that failure has just given them. Failure is not the end — it is a brand new beginning to pick yourself up, bring the pieces with you that you want and discard what wasn’t working.

You are investing so much time and energy into helping others — and I am an absolute advocate for service to others (please don’t misunderstand me) – when we step outside of ourselves and serve others in whatever form that looks like we in turn grow and change and discover who we are, what we want, and what we are willing to do to get it — BUT, If you gave yourself a fraction of the freedom you give others over your investments, you would have accomplished something huge!

Give yourself permission to pursue your dreams. Give yourself permission to believe in yourself. Give yourself permission to take the leap and free fall into your destiny. Give yourself permission to make you a priority.

Give yourself permission to be your best investment.

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