It’s a Precious Thing to Me

Don’t waste your time on people who don’t know its value.

Some people get it, while others don’t…

Time is relative. We all have our own wonderful ways of filling the hours within our days.

When you are working hard at a task you love time seems to disappear quickly while when you are laboring through a task you have to get done because of …( x )… time seems to drag on and the minutes never seem to pass.

Some people waste time, while others feel like time is never wasted.

Be aware of the people in your life… Are they adding to the enjoyment and fulfillment of your time or are they detracting from it bringing you stress?

Some people share with you openly their time even when they are at their most productive because you are a priority in their lives and they want to make sure you know your value to them — while other people will make promises they don’t keep and make you wait, and wait, and wait for a moment of their time.

Learn to know the difference between people who want to share with you their valuable time and the people who want you as a space filler when everything else falls through.

You are a priority and you deserve to be treated like one.

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