What Is It To You?

Between Rich and Famous I choose RICH.
Between Rich and Famous I choose RICH.

Everything in life seems meant to entice you one way or the other.

But, if you truly thought about your choice(s), where would you rather be? What would you rather be doing? Who would you want to be with?

A person I love and have so much respect for pointed this out to me:

They said that “famous” wasn’t the goal. Being “rich” wasn’t the goal.

The goal was this: To make enough means of support by doing what they love to pay all their bills, have fun money, have spending money, and have the means to live comfortably through the career of their choice.

When they told me this my perspective altered.

I realized that that’s my goal too!

My goal is to support myself fully by doing what I love through the career that I love surrounded by the people I love being in the location(s) I love. That’s it.

That’s Rich.

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