Do You Really Want That on Your Permanent Record?

There’s always a choice, until it becomes a habit and then you make yourself believe it’s permanent. -Clare Angelica

Every choice you make has the potential to change you. It can propel you forward or cause you to step into the past or simply stay right where you are.

Choices we make daily define who we are. They show the world who we are. They show us who we are (not who we think we are).

Choices are action (whether we believe them to be or not).

You are the active member in your life that has full control over your reaction to what life brings you. How you react is a choice.

When you better yourself in ways that is in harmony with you the universe begins to bring you better in your life because you are showing up. You are taking action and you are proving to the world that you are willing to put in the work for what it is you want to achieve. The more choices you make the more life brings you — choose wisely.

Nothing in life is permanent — once you grasp this you will be so much happier. The rate at which life can change in an instant is dizzying.

The habits you think are yours “forever” are yours by choice. You chose to make them a pattern in your life and you can just as easily chose to change them.

We sometimes forget we have this power, this will, this creative force within us that is so much stronger and braver and abundant than we ever give it credit for.

We are all creators. We create through our choices.

Create Bravely.

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