You are the Only Option

It’s Gotta Be You.

You want to move forward, forgive yourself — It’s gotta be you.

It’s gotta be you — No one else will do.

Remember that YOU get to CHOOSE how to spend YOUR time — you and only you, no one else will do.

We wait for the perfect moment, the perfect timing, the perfect job, the perfect partner, the perfect relationship, the perfect meal, the perfect drink, the perfect trip, the perfect circumstances, the perfect clothes, the perfect phone, the perfect routine, the perfect (…)

Nothing is ever perfect, BUT there are the “perfect” instances / occurrences for you. Find them, let them find you, and be open to receiving them whenever it is they choose to arrive.

It’s gotta be you, no one else will do.

Waiting for the “white knight” or the “next in line for the crown princess” is like waiting for the rain in the desert… It’ll come, but when it does, it’ll drown you. (Personally, I’d prefer to have a row boat or something when the flood comes.)

Prepare yourself. Plan. Be flexible. Allow for error. Change. Flow. Be present.

It’s gotta be you.

You have to ability to create the life you want / need… What do you want that to look like? What do you want that to feel like?

Work towards that feeling every. single. day.

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