Take a Breath. Then Decide.

Change your reaction and you change your result.

When those situations arise (and we ALL know what those circumstances, people, places, etc… are…) try this & take a breath & ask yourself:

How do I want to react to this?

Does this feeling bring me joy?

How do I want to feel? — Am I OK with how this is making me feel? — How can I change this feeling?

Your reaction is the defining factor that creates the rest of your life — it’s a chain of events.

BE AWARE of how you are reacting towards others. Are you handling the stress well?

Don’t talk to people (and your loved ones) like they are sitting in the back of a cop car. Speak with them like they are riding shotgun beside you… and LISTEN to HEAR what they are saying (not to respond without hearing).

Your reaction is what matters.

Your reaction tells the universe exactly where you are at, exactly who you are, exactly how you are responding to what is dealt you, exactly what you deserve out of life — because your reactions come back to you ten-fold.

You (and only you) have the ability to change your reaction(s) — You start to change when you make a conscious decision to do so.

Keep up the (good) work.

You can. You will. You did.

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