It’s OK, I’ve Got Hobbies

If you can make money off your hobbies, why work?

Now, don’t get me wrong… I haven’t quit my day job (yet).

BUT, I am selling my novels and reaching a broader audience than I could have ever hoped for — THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing me the freedom to do what I love to do!!!

(And if you didn’t know what that was, I’ll clue you in… I absolutely, positively LOVE writing — and pretty much any genre (fiction / non-fiction) there is.)

I know that not everyone wants to make their hobby their main gig, but what I am saying is this: Find something you love to do that’s all yours, that brings you joy every time you do it.

Share activities with people — but find something that is other than your daily work, your daily grind that brings you joy, peace, love, and accomplishment. Find something outside of the “labels” you may be associated with, such as: wife, mother, daughter, writer, father, son, parent, ceo, lawyer, banker, doctor, potter, painter, climber, skier, hiker, real estate agent, etc… I think you get the idea.

Step outside of yourself to find yourself. Find what you love to do and pursue it in what ever manner works best for you.

Find the task that helps keep you sane within the chaos, find your release, and your retreat.

Some people may prefer to keep their hobbies quiet because they are just for them while others may want to share their work with the world.

You decide.

Now, go do it.

Check out the book I am holding in my hand “here” — It’s the first installment of The Siren’s Sea Trilogy !!!

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