Living Large

You have to live like a healthy animal.
-P G

A wonderful man I know (who is also an incredible artist!) stated this at lunch one day…and I loved it!

He’s right.

In order to live, and live well, you need to live like a healthy animal.

You need to eat well, love often, work hard, get dirty, play rough, lay in the sun, sleep deeply, seek safety during storms, leap off cliffs, run fast, stretch, be alert, protect those you love, challenge your limits, explore new territories, seek new adventures, make new friends, be cautious, be the leader, observe your prey, be strong, stay tough, exercise daily, be wild, be free, be loyal, stay calm under pressure, keep quiet about your next move, keep learning, and always be better than you were yesterday.

Now, I know I missed lots, but you get the gist.

If you’re sick, rest and get well. If you’re scared, do it anyway. Live the best life you can. Be better than the day before. Do more. Be more. Live more.

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