Thinking Whispers

I’m not who you think I am.
I’m not who I think I am either.

Heavy, right?

Another quote is fitting here:

Always be careful of what you hear about a girl. Rumors either come from a dude that can’t get her or a girl who can’t compete with her. –Anonymous

Now, we can exchange the “girl” for “boy” and the “dude” for “dudette” if you like, the premise is still the same.

People are rarely (ever) who you think they are. This tiny, little fact is something I love most about interacting with others. I like when people prove me wrong — because it’s usually a pleasant surprise.

I give people time and space to show me who they are — because they always do (in one way or another).

The biggest surprise here is that we aren’t who we think we are either… That might be the “heavy” part.

We are told who we are from birth because we are given a name and taught to respond to it. We learn from our families by observing their behaviors. We are influenced by our environments, situations we are placed in, and obstacles that come our way.

All of these factors and more define who we are… Or does it?

We have a choice(s): to embrace and mimick our surroundings or to be their polar opposites. Everyday we make choices that lead us down the path we are on. Everyday some instance enters our lives that alters it, no matter how big or small.

All this shows me is this: Every choice I’ve made has created the life I am living right now. Therefore, I have the ability to make another choice to change whatever I want whenever I want in my life.

Yes, you are who you think you are, but you also have the potential to be who you want to be, to change whatever it is in your life that you want to change, and to be anything you want to be.

If you don’t like who you think you are — change your thinking and you will change your life. Uplift your thoughts and it will manifest positivity in your physical life every day.

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