Ursula’s Advice on Thinking

Free your mind of the idea of deserving, the idea of earning, and you will begin to be able to think.
-Ursula Le Guin

My, oh my, this is a good one!

We (me included) spend colossal amounts of time *THINKING* — about what could have been (you can’t change it, fyi), where you want your life to be (look around, you are where you are), what you wish you were doing (brainstorm: go do it!), where you want to be (go there), who you want to be with (go get them) — you get the idea.

People (in general) spend way to much time *thinking* and not enough time *acting* upon those thoughts.

I read this quote and began to immediately think how I could apply it…and then I did 🙂

Yesterday, for example, I woke up (wide-awake) at 3am — I looked at the clock at 3:58am and decided to not lay in bed any longer being uncomfortable. Instead, I got up and went to work going through the edits my recent editor made for The Siren’s Sea: Reawakening and *BOOM*, halfway done by 5:30. (My current project is the final book of The Siren’s Sea Trilogy by the way)

By 7:15am I was meditated up, showered, and in the car taking my little brother to school and then, after a brief social interlude, I was back at my computer updating my website(s) and writing my blog posts for the rest of the week — you can check out my updates for Twenty-One Days here — and check out the new header for this site (above) and some other minor details. Plus, finished and submitted my taxes (stress relieved) and finalized a client’s website project and sent off the invoice (job well-done).

Honestly, I don’t know what got into me…

BUT, all these *little things* add up to *big things* and the list grows and grows…

Where I am going with this is here: once you free your mind of how you *think* *things* are supposed to be, you can just *be* — you can calmly and efficiently take action for what needs to be done and move on.

The best thing you’ll come to find about freeing up your mind is this: all those things you have been wishing for and hoping for and waiting for are now here… and you didn’t even notice how fast the time flew to get them done because you were no longer worrying your mind with them.

You cleared up some very important space.

You were just *do*ing — just *be*ing. And the results were better than you could have ever thought up anyway.

Free your mind to free you life!

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