There’s No Place Like Home

It doesn’t matter where I am, when I wake up next to you I’m home.

We all have days (weeks, months, years…) where we feel unsettled. Times when we feel like *home* is a far-fetched idea that we cannot obtain.

Sometimes it is because we are looking in all the wrong places — we are seeking outside ourselves when home is really just a feeling.

People can elicit this sense of safety, comfort, love, devotion, gratitude, etc within us — and it makes us feel at home.

Places can give us those feelings. Animals do too.

We can also create those feelings within ourselves — no assembly required.

We are always *home* within ourselves. We can be our own safe haven.

I’ve had friends say to  me I haven’t felt like I’ve had a real home in years… *Home* means many things to many people — and I can almost guarantee that none of the answers will match up exactly. But, I remember looking at this person and saying, you make me feel at home. And they did. I didn’t need the house or the car or the extravagant *things*… I just needed them.

Home is where you make it. And, remember, you can always take it with you.

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