An Age Old Battle

Darkness can’t stand the light.
Light can’t stand the darkness.
Yet, they cannot exist without each other.

Some people fear what the night brings while other’s fear what tomorrow will bring.

Some people fear the cast of their shadow in the daylight while other’s fear what hides within the shadows of night.

Embrace them both.

Embrace the darkness and it will no longer envelop your sight within its blackness… allow your eyes time to adjust.

Allow the light to reveal all that you hide from in the darkness and conquer it.

We fear so many things in life… but,we forget that… FEAR is where our lessons are.

We grow from within our fears. We learn from them. We hide in them. We use them for excuses. We build our world around what we fear.

Let’s try building our worlds around what we love – what brings us joy – where our passions lie – and say f’ you fear. I WIN (not my fears).

Our entire world is built upon balance – another key we forget.

Balance is what makes us truly whole. Seek balance, find balance, be balance.

Balance your life mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Balance the lightness and the darkness within yourself and you will find that you are ruled by neither side, but living in the center of them both.

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