She Said It Well…

The proof of a person’s greatness is the power to stand alone; to be able, in every individual case, to make his own choice; in action to write anew his own law, choose his own sacrifices, run his own dangers, win his own freedom, venture his own destruction, choose his own happiness.
-Ellen Key (1849-1926)

I discovered Ellen Key while reading “Loving Frank” by Nancy Horan… Nancy did INCREDIBLE research, delving into Frank Lloyd Wright (married with six children at the time) and the scandal of his love affair with Mamah Borthwick Cheney (a married woman with two children of her own). The details are phenomenal in this work of fiction.

Ellen Key was a woman Mamah worked with during her love affair. Ellen was a Swedish born difference feminist. I have not read her work, but she was very influential during the beginning of the women’s movement and the Modern Breakthrough movement I have come to find during my research.

This quote caught me… You are your own saint and sinner. You are your own judge and jury. You are your own savior and destruction. It all boils down to you, you, you.

You are the maker of your decisions. You are the decider of your fate.

No matter what we think, it is always our choice!

We choose to be where we are, we choose to stay where we are, we choose to fear change, we choose to embrace change, we choose to move, we choose to gain weight, we choose to loose weight, we choose to love someone, we choose to no longer be in love, we choose the path we are on, and we can choose to take detours where we see fit.

We buckle under pressure…why? Out of fear? Out of loyalty? Out of a need or lack of something?

We must remember that the rules of society are like smoke, some we see and some we don’t. Some are very concrete while others are much more ethereal.

Take the best and leave the rest, I say.

Make your life a comfort, a safe haven for you. Abide by the rules / guidelines that suit you and create some of your own.

Just because “society” doesn’t view your path as right doesn’t mean it’s wrong… It simply means it’s yours. Your path to walk, alone. Fill it with love, light, grace, ease, simplicity, laughter, like-minded community, success on your own terms, abundance, new horizons, quirkiness, travel, misadventures, situations that challenge you and give you the opportunity to step up, spirituality, fitness, wellness, health, and wealth… (add more)

And, remember, there’s no need to apologize for you life.

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