Where Do We Truly Wage War?

Battles are Won in the Mind.

Question: Where lies the greatest battle we will ever face?

Answer: Within Ourselves.

There is no competition when we truly step back from the menageries of our minds and see life for what it is where it is. We create competition out of necessity. But, it serves a purpose. It can give a voice to the weak, empower the fearful, push our limits so that we excel far beyond them, make empires fall, build new communities out of rubble, see a light in the darkness, and spur the inactive into action.

Battles, war, can cause a person to be seen in a new light. We see their true selves, the selves they have been hiding deep within them. A primal nature emerges.

Our greatest fears rest within us. We carry them around daily and as invisible badges across our skin they lay in wait… The badges wait to be ripped off by outside forces or ourselves so that they can explode and send us into “flight or fight” mode.

Mental warfare. We inflict this war upon ourselves in the battles we fight daily with our thoughts, or minds.

Every battle begins and ends with you, remember that. It is your choice to continue the cycles you have created in your life. It is your choice to allow change when change is needed. It is your choice to alter your negative thoughts into a positive affirmation.

Battles require you to test yourself, stretch yourself in ways once thought unimaginable, best yourself at every angle, change, adapt, morph, think outside of the box, be better than you were yesterday, and say yes to positive changes in your life. Battles require you to fight for what it is you truly want — and yes, you will be tested. That’s the point.

Saying you truly want something isn’t enough, you need to work for it, you need to bleed for it, you need to know that no matter the cost this is what you want. You must be determined. Every test is designed to test your loyalty, your devotion to change or to your project. I say push back harder.

Get up. Show up. Accomplish. Succeed. Move on.

Life won’t work unless you do. Take control, yet be fluid. Let things come and let things go. Become the master, yet continue to learn as the student. Release the binds of that which no longer serves you. Enhance the areas that make you feel most alive.

Conquer your mind and you conquer your world.

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