Surrender is Sweet

Because surrender is sweet. Because I’m attracted to it. Because I’m addicted to it. Because endorphins in the brain are like a natural kind of heroin.

Surrender is sweet, just as the quote suggests.

When we surrender and hand our life over to the Divine (the higher powers, God, etc…) we receive incredible blessings that we weren’t even aware of to ask for. Life flows smoothly. We are more calm and relaxed, no matter what the situation brings. We are able to remain centered within the chaos. We take on tasks with energy, zest and accomplish them with fervor. We are more impersonal and can let others simply “be”.

Remember, everyone is exactly where they need to be. And within that fact lies perfection. Lead by example and serve others where they need to be served and then move on.

Surrender to your path, let it unfold before you, and create the very best life you can.

● ● ●

I found this quote while looking through an old notebook. When I tried to search for the quote and/or the source, I came up with nada. So, if you know the quote source, I’d definitely be interested in knowing it 🙂

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