A Jillian Michaels’ Goodie

-Jillian Michaels

People love her, people hate her, people envy her, people are jealous of her, people admire her… Say what you want about the woman, I DON’T CARE. I love her.

She gets results. Her workouts are focused, determined, and goal oriented. They have a nice flow from movement to movement. She allows for adjustments depending upon your fitness level. She gives you room to grow and better yourself.

She has helped thousands (perhaps even millions…) of people gain confidence in themselves and their bodies. Yes, she has created an empire, a name for herself, and I say more power to her. She does what other people are thinking about doing.

I love the tidbits of wisdom strung throughout her videos (such as the one above).

Get out there and pursue the things that you are passionate about. Build an empire.

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