Be a Creator

No one can do what you can do… Did you know that? No one has exactly the same method to their madness as you. They do not think the same way you do. They do not act the same way you do. They will not create in the same manor in which you create.

Be a Creator.

Yes, it may have been done before, but so what? It won’t be done the same way you are going to do it. You might even do it better than that other guy.

What are you waiting for?

Yet, we tend to spend time trying to (re)create what has already been done — MOVE ON! If someone else has created something amazing, there’s no need to steal their thunder so to speak – go create your own masterpiece in the same league (or better) than your inspirations.

Create something new, something fresh, something entirely yours. Allow your passions to take over your pursuits. Follow your heart. Speak your mind. Be brave when you are feeling scared. Leap anyway.

The only person holding you back is yourself. Are you really okay with that!?

Stop trying to (re)create and just CREATE.

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