WARNING: What You Think Affects Your Life!

You are LIVING the THOUGHTS you thought yesterday TODAY.

This photo was taken on a trip to the “dirty south” — I love the culture, people, and FOOD!

Natchez, MS

I know, I know… crazy, right!? But, no, not really. Not so much…

Your thoughts create your life. 

If you think you are an amazing, talented, successful, money-magnet, savvy, innovative, creative, prosperous, healthy, wealthy, grateful, devoted, service-oriented, loving, caring, graceful, free, balanced being — then you’re right, YOU ARE!

If you don’t like how life is playing out around you, change your thought patterns and you will change you life. It’s a cliche for a reason… It’s true AND it works.

Everything in your life begins and ends with you.

Be aware of the things you are saying / telling to people – catch them before they spread like cancer – and change them into a positive light (if need be, of course).

You know the type… They’re gossipy. They tell you everything that’s wrong, right off the bat – no hi or hello, how are you. They are consistently complaining about this or that (instead of being GRATEFUL for what they do have). They are the kinds of people who are given opportunity after opportunity to change their situation, but they don’t (because then they would have nothing to talk about). They are the over-thinkers, the over-analyzers of every. little. thing. 

If you know this type of people, or you are one of these people, my question for you is this: Does this bring you joy? – and the follow-up is: Do you really want to live your life this way? – and: Do you want to spend your time around these kinds of people?

Another helpful tip: Keep quiet. – No, not everyone needs to know your life and those who do know is because it was your choice to let them in. Keep your circle small.

Love yourself every day and that love will carry over into every aspect of your life.

Thoughts are incredibly power tools. Use your mind wisely.

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