Listen to… an eccentric, iconoclastic Japanese Zen Buddhist monk and poet

Learn how to read the love letters sent by the wind, the rain, the sun, and the moon.
-Ikkyu, Japanese Poet

February 1, 1394 – December 12, 1481

After reading many poems by Ikkyū you can begin to scratch the surface of the type of man he was. He most certainly adhered to his own set of rules regardless of his monkly vows…

His words are sweet, such as the above excerpt. They are honest. They are crude. They are expressive of “him” – his emotions, his wants, and his needs.

Take a cue from Ikkyū and learn to be “here” now. Take pleasure in the joy of the ever present moment and listen to what the universe has to say. Let it guide you to grand places.

Listen to the worlds love letters written across every surface and within every being.

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