A Hint of Genius

Mathematician Terence Tao’s Outlook on “Genius”
What Really Matters is:
“hard work, directed by intuition, literature, and a bit of luck.”

Quoted from the most recent National Geographic Magazine on “Genius”. Terence dismisses his label as a “genius” and instead believes that his work is based off of “hard work, directed by intuition, literature, and a bit of luck.” I would add dedication to that list too, if it was me.

You won’t succeed without these qualities within yourself – and others such as perseverance, love, devotion, and gratitude – to name a few of the many.

If you really want something, work for it. If you have a goal, accomplish it. If you start something, finish it. Make sure that whatever task you are doing brings you joy daily. Remember that even in tough times you would rather come out on the other side than give up.

If you are tired of starting over, stop quitting. 

Be open to change and adapt as the project before you morphs and grows. It is very rare that something is set in stone – meaning there is always more than one way to do something. Find the path that’s right for you.

Wake up every morning grateful and carry it through your day to attract more positivity to you.

You are succeeding every day in every way – remember that.

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