Thanks, Mr Adams

“Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit.”
-Henry Adams

Yes, chaos is a free-fall into the utter unknown. It is the release of your hold on the world. It is you saying, “Ok, show me!” And the show me bit is you telling the world you are ready for more, you are ready for different, and you are ready for your world to be turned upside down so that it can finally be right. Chaos can be your choice OR it can be forced upon you.

BUT, (in my experience) chaos usually means it was time for a change. Chaos comes on at times in our lives when we are stagnant, unwilling to move, determined not to grow, and incapable of change — at these times chaos is thrust upon us. Our lives are at a standstill begging for something to come along and rock our worlds off their axis.

Chaos brings forth some of our world’s greatest creations. It produces some of my best work.

Order by no means is a “bad thing”. In many cases order is a necessary evil — for example: I organized all of my writing work. I have file folders for specific books I am working on so that when chaos strikes me I can place it in the proper file to expand upon later. I also have a catch-all file for book ideas, character ideas, location ideas, quotes, potential articles, etc… Order gave me freedom to be creative. It gave me a place to put the chaos so that I can best utilize it.

I believe that to two forces work well together, if you let them. Chaos gets me out of my ordered habits and pushes me into life while order brought me to a place to safe-guard my creative (chaotic) process.

I have saved this for over a year. I look at it (pretty much) everyday for it has a place on the cork board above my desk. It was last year’s quote on a calendar for the date of my birthday — I absolutely loved it! Very fitting 🙂

I hope you move forward breeding chaos, displacing order, and releasing the confines of your habits.

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