Definitely “Oh Wells”

I’d rather live with “Oh wells” than “What ifs”

After a long-time partner and I parted ways, a dear friend said to me, “I offer my condolences and my congratulations.”

Gosh, were they ever right.

At the end of every relationship it feels like a death occurs, a palpable feeling of loss, but once you get through the pain and look back at what once was you see the new beginning you have been offered. You get a chance to start over. An opportunity to do it different and possibly better than the last time.

I am so blessed for the relationships I’ve had (of all kinds — friends, family, partners). I continue to learn, grow, change, and better myself after / during each and every one of them. Thank the people in your life — past, present, and future — for everything they have given you and are going to give you. Without them we would not grow, mature, learn, and love.

Remember, it’s ok to grieve. It’s part of the process. And then be grateful for the lessons and move forward into your new beginning.

I would rather live and accumulate “Oh wells” than look back and think “What if…”

Wouldn’t you?

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