It’s Always a Gamble

ONE thing is CERTAIN in this life…

Roll the Dice!

Nothing is certain… of this we can all rely on. Take the risk – at least then you’ll know.

Things change. People change. Places change. Time changes. Emotions change. Feelings change. Personalities change. Circumstances change. Goals change.

I love planners! You know the type… everything is dialed in, every-little-detail is recorded in their calendars, their entire day is mapped out to a T – with very little room for error (or breaks – there’s no time for that after all), their phones are constantly buzzing with reminders of where or what they are doing next. — I’m not bashing these types of people, they get sh*t done. I’m a list maker myself. I love the satisfaction of crossing something off my to-do list with my big, black sharpie.

BUT, what I know is this… Go ahead, plan out every detail of your life and watch as something changes to burn it to the ground and set you off on a new course (that is if you aren’t stuck wallowing in the wreckage of course…). Just when we think we’ve got it all figured out, something changes, something happens to disrupt the course we are on. IF you remember the bigger picture, you can take these upheavals in stride and see them for the blessing that they are.

You needed to change yourself. You needed to adapt how you were doing something to make it better. You needed to be shoved off course so that you could forge a new/different/exciting/better path.

What we can do is this: get up, show up, and do the work before us to the very best of our ability — and allow for change, growth, adaptation, flow, and new.

Ask yourself this question: Am I busy OR Am I productive?

There’s a HUGE difference between busy and productive — make sure you can answer productive because busy people aren’t always productive.

Busy people like to jam-pack their life so it appears that they are accomplishing all this stuff when in reality they are spinning wheels that are stuck in the mud. It takes them much longer to accomplish tasks because they are too busy being busy.

Productive people take the job they are given and do it the very best they can. They are efficient, goal-oriented, non-braggers (they silently get the job done and move on), and they allow for change in their day to day lives.

Nothing is certain, so you may as well spend your time and do your work / play / fun / etc… to the very best of your abilities.

Are you busy or productive with your time?

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