What’s Your Diagnosis, Dr?

I just self-diagnosed myself with CLINICAL JOY!

In this era of smartphones, tablets, laptops, social media, the daily evolution of our technology … and, of course, Google … we all have our own Rx pad for seeking out what we “think” ails us and writing a script.

What’s your diagnosis?

You have the choice to live, be, and create any life you want! Did you know that? If you’ve forgotten, thank you for giving me the pleasure of reminding you. You don’t have to stay where you are because you think you do. Nothing is certain, especially the jabber between your ears. If it’s anything like mine, it changes by the second.

Remember, the Rx pad rests in your hands, and your hands alone. You get to decide what the final verdict is. You get to determine what you allow to stay in your life and what you allow to leave.

One of the best ways I know to beat what ails you is this: ACTION.

Action truly does conquer fear. Action allows us to move forward. It gives us freedom. Movement gets us out of the rut we find ourselves stuck in.

Choose Joy. Choose Gratitude. Choose Freedom. Choose to be of Service. Choose Love. Choose Passion. Choose Grace and Ease.

Choose to write your own script.

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