The Story’s Not Over

YOU CAN (Beginning of Story)

I coined this from the original quote: You Can. End of Story. But, I obviously changed the “end”ing.

“You Can” is the beginning of your story, not the end of it. “You Can” means that exactly, you can. 

You can do anything you set your mind too and the moment you decide you CAN do something is the exact moment you start writing a new story. It’s the moment you start to change the ending of the story you’ve been writing. — And I hope you know that by “story” I mean “your life.”

This photo was taken of me upon receiving my very first paperback of The Siren’s Sea: Revenge! I was ecstatic!!! Finally getting the paperback meant that it was completed — my very first novel. The eBook had already been available for quite sometime, but I’m a “hard copy” girl.

I approach every novel like this (except for my Blog Spot Series — those are only available as eBooks). I am as finished as I’ll ever be once I receive that paperback copy in my hands — such an incredible feeling holding the product of all your hard work, dedication, patience, persistence, blood, sweat, tears, and love.

I get asked this question a lot: How did you do it? — and the person is usually inquiring as to how I wrote a book.

The answer is simple: I decided I could and then I did it (four times and counting actually!!!)

You Can, remember that.

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