It’s a Reaction You CAN Transform into a Choice

Problems are only things to be solved.

Yes, we all have “problems” … but did you know that you can find a solution to them and MOVE ON!? … I do 🙂

Don’t give the 10-cent problem the 100-dollar reaction.

When problems arise we feel them within our bodies as stress, or angst, or dis-ease, or tension, or (etc) … They invade our minds and overthrow our thoughts. They consume our lives — for as long as we let them. The longer an issue goes unattended the more it builds a feeling / emotions of upset within us. And then it may cause us to lash out, be short with people who have only asked us where the cheese is in the fridge, or physically smash our fist into a wall — needless to say we all react differently.

But, does the problem stewing within you really require this?

If we breathe, take our time in responding, and center ourselves we will be more able to solve the problem fluidly and move forward (without the upset stomachs, aches and pains, or stress rashes).

This requires a changing of our habit-self — don’t worry, it’s easy.

To change our (reactionary) habits we must first be aware of them — only then can we catch them before we spiral into old patterns that cause us to stress and react without thinking. Set a mental light that will turn on when an old pattern is beginning to arise — it’s the old, “You say ‘A’, I’ll do ‘B’ every time” scenario. Let’s change it up! There’s a whole alphabet out there, not to mention the numerical system, the constellations, colors, symbols, etc…

BUT, it does take an element of “replacement” — meaning to really change a habit you must replace it with a new one. This is where it gets fun! How do you want to react to this? What outcome do you desire? Is this really a situation you want to be in? YOU get to decide for yourself if this is right for you or not — don’t worry, your emotions will answer the question for you. Be aware of the warning signs within your body — those are your early “fire” detectors. Now you get to choose — and YES, walking away is an option!!! And it’s perfectly okay to do so if that is what you feel needs to be done.

Now, in order to change the habit-self, you must first be willing (and have a desire) to do so.

If this is the case … take one step at a time and ease yourself into solving those problems with grace.

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