Expansion Time!

I’m joining forces with Patreon.

I’m taking the plunge … and I think I’ll find it quite refreshing… BUT, I need your help!

As I have been going through the process of setting up my Patreon Page I am running into a conundrum… What to offer Patrons for their pledges!? So, I’m taking the question to you…

What would you like to see as a reward for various pledge tiers?

Now, if you don’t know what Patreon is, let me give you a brief rundown:

  • (Basically) It is a monthly support system — you (as a Patron) pledge to give (x) amount a month for as long as you like (or as long as my page is up and running) and for your pledge amount you receive certain gifts / rewards — now, some pledge levels won’t get rewards, BUT you do most certainly have my gratitude and appreciation.
  • Patreon is a way for Patrons to support creatives — It allows the artist (me) to connect with a broader community who would like to support them and will enjoy what they have to offer.
  • Quoted from the homepage: “Patreon is home to 419,871 creators making a living from their work through subscription payments from their fans.”
  • Now, Patreon would give some of the people I know a way to support me that wouldn’t necessarily mean they have to read my books — because I get it, some people aren’t readers — (and don’t worry, that’s one of my goals – that could be made possible through pledges – I want to turn my books into screenplays so that you can enjoy the tales on the “silver-screen” !!!)

Here’s some ideas I already have rolling around in my head:

  • free ebooks
  • free paperback books (signed ?)
  • a google-hangout session — q&a perhaps (?) / webinars
  • Help me with ideas — you could receive an unpublished version of the book and give me feedback on what worked and what didn’t
  • a special thanks IN my books
  • private facebook page
  • give reviews
  • specials
  • book updates
  • podcasts
  • book tours / promotions

Why I’m signing up for Patreon (briefly) :

  • I want to have better ways of distributing my work both in print and ebook forms
  • More time to focus on my craft and create more and better novels for my fans
  • I want to get my screenplay going — if that means rounding up a group of independent filmmakers on my own, I will 🙂
  • Less stress
  • More freedom
  • More dedicated and devoted Time

I absolutely love what I do — and now I’m ready to take it to a whole new level of expansion, connections, and freedom!

Let me know your thoughts on this and what you would like to see as a reward!

Thanks so much 🙂

2 thoughts on “Expansion Time!

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  1. Hi Clare, I love what you’re doing. My favorite is a free paperback or ebook for subscribing. Not sure what the different tiers would be, just make it easy for us to give from our hearts. If that’s a small amount to start, like $1 or $2 or $5 dollars, that all adds up over time!

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