Abundantly Balanced

Mentally – Emotionally – Spiritually – Physically

Doesn’t that feel good to say!? Or even think…

Saying you live in “abundance” means that everything in your life is abundant — that’s why I added in the mental-emotional-spiritual-physical aspect. These are your four bodies that want you to be in balance within each one of them – all at once. Don’t panic, yes, it’s possible!

No, balance does not happen overnight, but neither does abundance (well, rarely). When you take one step forward physically, you are helping your mental state by getting out of your head, you are working on emotional well-being by transferring pent up energy into movement, and you are helping your spiritual body by engaging in the blessings around you. Can you imagine what one step – building to two steps – adding up to three steps – and then four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty… That first step is going to seem so far away when you look back on it, but you’ll be glad you took it.

Each body works off the others. They build upon each other. When one is out of balance, they all are. And it should go without saying that no one can stay perfectly in balance within all four bodies at all times = we’re human, remember!? Life happens. What being in balance teaches you is how to better cope and deal with life when it explodes all over you. Work on staying centered.

That’s why taking small steps adds into bigger ones and next thing you know it you are leaping in abundance.

Balance brings us joy, peace, harmony, love, health, wealth, grace, and ease.

Living in abundance is more than simply financial gains – honestly, that barely scratches the surface of the true and full potential you have within you.

Tap into your ABUNDANCE!

Photograph is subject to copyright laws.

©2015 Clare Angelica, All Rights Reserved.

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