Reawakening : Book Excerpt 6

“I choose the first,” Aldus yelled over the howling wind. Mara turned to him. “If we are going to fail I want it to be because I gave it my all, not because I never tried. I no longer want to be held back by the fear of even starting.”
-“The Siren’s Sea [v3]: Reawakening” by Clare Angelica

Love is something no one can out run, no matter how much time passes. Our hearts will always bleed. Our hearts will always mend. Our hearts will always hold the memory of lost and found. We remember who broke us and we remember who helped us heal.

Some twists of fate will lead us back to where it all began …and then we get the opportunity to make another choice…

The Siren’s Sea Trilogy is complete!

If you missed Volume 2 – The Siren’s Sea: Redemption – you can purchase the eBook Here and the Paperback here.

If you missed Volume 1 – The Siren’s Sea: Revenge – you can purchase the Paperback Here and the eBook Here.

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