In Case YOU Ever Wondered…

This is where I write…

For the most part anyway. 

I write anywhere and everywhere the mood strikes me, but when I sit down to compile it all into a book, it is generally “here”. And as you can see it is pretty tidy *right now*. My favorite part of sitting at my desk is looking up at the things that inspire me and remind me why I am doing what I’m doing — because I absolutely, positively LOVE writing and everything that goes along with it.

My desk is nothing fancy, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! The desk top is a closet door (the doorknob hole is perfect for all those pesky wires). It is long and narrow = plenty of room for everything I need without a whole lot of wasted space. To the right is a two-drawer file cabinet I got from a friend (it is a little beat-up making it even cooler). To the left is a set of shelves my dad and brother made. THAT’S why I love this desk so much — not only is it exactly what I wanted, but two people I love made it for me!

Now let’s talk about the cork boards…

I have quotes, drawings, pictures, reminder notes, book projects, artwork, prayer flags, travel images, articles, postcards, sticky notes, a dictionary, thesaurus, and lots and lots of writing utensils! (Ok, the last three things are all easy access on top of my desk…)

All of my stories begin with an idea… It could be one simple line that transforms into an entire story. Sometimes it is a series of images that I want to delve into and discover what happens. It could be a feeling or instances from my life that need to be released. Sometimes all I need is my imagination …and off I go…

I get asked all the time how is it that I do what I do, why do I do what I do, what is my process, when do I write…

I think the only question I can actually answer is the why: because I’ve been a story-teller my entire life and I’m going to continue to do so until I am no longer able.

The other questions are harder, not because I can’t answer them, but because I don’t have a strict formula that I follow. How: I just do it — I never thought that I couldn’t. What: My process is different every time. I read recently that each time you sit down to write the next book it is like you are starting (again) for the first time. That’s how it feels. Each book has its own voice, its own characters, and its own story to tell that is completely different than the last. When: (Honestly) Not enough *lol* — I tend to notice that I get anxious quicker when I am not writing consistently. There’s this pent-up energy within me that only writing can help me release and once I sit down to write, I am calm once more because I am doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

How do I know that *writing* is the right course for me : the way it makes me feel.

Whether you function best in *creative chaos* or prefer a more *tidy space* — surround yourself with items that inspire you, make you smile, cause you to feel joy — and then get to work!

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