I’m a Believer

I believe in a love that most people don’t believe exists.

I know, I know, pretty typical of a “romance” writer — but, if you’ve read my books, you know that romance is an instrumental part of many relationships, it’s not the whole story…

I (for one) refuse to believe that chivalry is dead, that men are only nice to women for *one* reason, and that all men are the same … because I know from experience that they are not.

Now, I am writing from a woman’s perspective, BUT we could add in the men’s angle as well: I (for one) refuse to believe that a good woman no longer exists, that they are all gold-diggers, and that all women are the same… (I was shooting in the dark, men, but if you have suggestions please let me know)

Love is crazy, maddening, painful, exhausting, time consuming, challenging, stressful, and scary (to name a few…)

Love is also redeeming, uplifting, joyous, carefree, safe, comforting, a free fall into the unknown, and liberating.

The right partner will push you, teach you, want to see you succeed and help you do so, share with you, create with you, give you your own space, trust you, care for you, be devoted to you, serve you, be loyal, kind, loving, and surprise you.

I recently heard, “You are refreshing to my heart.” — THAT is how someone you love should make you feel within every inch of your body. THAT is the kind of love I know to still exist. I never said it would be easy, but finding the perfect partner for you is like slipping into your favorite pair of worn-out jeans and that t-shirt you’ve had for years — it just fits.

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