Silent, but Deadly

I Love Writing because it is the only time I get to do all the talking.
-Clare Angelica

People who know me know that I most certainly have “introvert” tendencies — I can be on a road trip and not talk for hours (with other people in the car), I’m quiet, I tend to veer away from large crowds, I most definitely enjoy the solitude of my own company — BUT what that means is that when I am out and about you can bet your a** that I’m observing pretty much everything going on around me. I’m taking it all in.

I have lots of wonderful people in my life with fascinating things to tell me, and I welcomingly let them. It is occasionally difficult to get a word in edge wise, so to speak. SO, when I sit down to write = it is all about me 🙂

My fiction novels and articles are all expressions of me. I am giving you (as the reader) insight into my inner workings. Writing is my way of letting you into my life.

For many people (me included) communication is scary, daunting, intimidating, and hard… So when it comes to saying what you need to say to the person you need to say it too we occasionally choke. Writing gives me the freedom to collect my thoughts and get that junk out of my system — sometimes I burn it, trash it, shred it, or use it in my work. What matters is that I am expressing myself! It is not always eloquent, but it is true, honest, and said with integrity.

Find your own way of “talking” when other avenues haven’t worked in the past. Be creative. The method isn’t as important as the result = FREEDOM. 

To read my journey of my expression, check out “The Siren’s Sea Trilogy” and my “Blog Spot” Series!

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