Write What YOU Want

“Write the kind of story you like best – write the story you want to read.”
-Austin Kleon, “Steal Like an Artist”

I recently had a friend ask me, “If you could live in a book (forever) what book would it be?”

Honestly, I was stumped. I am an avid reader and there are so many things I like about so many books that it is hard to choose. BUT, (after deep contemplation) I said, “The Siren’s Sea Trilogy“. It may sound vain, and I definitely understand that perspective, but I wrote a story that I love, that I am passionate about, and that I dedicated a large amount of (my) time to … Why wouldn’t I want to live forever in a world I created!?

I’ve said it numerous times that I love writing, but this quote by Austin Kleon sums it up (and he is definitely not the first one to phrase it that way). I breezed through his book Steal Like An Artist — it is a fun read 🙂 and inspiring.

Writing (or whatever vocation spurs a fire within your soul) is supposed to be fun, engaging, passionate, flow from your fingertips, be as natural as breathing, and requires hard work, dedication, perseverance, and determination in order to create your masterpiece(s).

What story do you want to share with the world?

Got it? Now, go do it.

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