If You Can Dream It…

“Anything is Possible in the World of Books.”
-“The Librarian” TV Series

Anything is possible … but it still has to make sense! 🙂 Fiction can be crazy, challenging, outlandish, time-jumping, imaginative, unreal, dark, threatening, passionate, thrilling, push boundaries, ask questions, explore, redeem, defile, decimate, be everything you want your life to be and more, BUT the writer still has to tie it all together and portray it so that it makes sense to the reader. A good writer can do this flawlessly, and the only reason they can make it so is because they practiced and practiced and practiced and then practiced some more.

If you saw my earlier post, In Case YOU Ever Wondered…, you can see the cork boards above my desk and this saying sits steadily amongst the quotes that inspire me. My eyes wander to it whenever I am writing and it reminds me that I can write anything and everything I want. Yet, it takes practice and dedication to do so. With every word I write I get better and it gets easier to express my imagination to the readers.

Remember, anything is possible (in real life or make believe). Get out there and create!

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