The Siren’s Song : Verse 6

Aaaa Aaaaa Aaaaaaaaaaa Aaaaaaa Aaaa… Come down, dear soul, come down…
And know, the moment you step upon my sea your fate is mine to deal
For my wild, untamed heart will
love you … for as long as I see fit.
-“The Siren’s Sea [v3]: Reawakening” by Clare Angelica

So thrilled to have my first trilogy under my belt AND The Siren’s Song to go along with it!!! It took me three books to get here, but I finally worked out a song that melded well with the story line. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it! You can see the full version in The Siren’s Sea [v3]: Reawakening available as an ebook and you can catch up with the first installment, Revenge, and the second installment, Redemption — both one and two are available in paperback and ebook versions.

You can also see the full version of the song as my first post on Patreon when you pledge $5 or more!

Thank you so much for all your support through the process of writing this trilogy. It was quite an investment, but one I am ready and willing to make again!!

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