Home Is Not “Just” A Place

No Matter Where We Are, As Long As You Are With Me – I’m Home.

Yes, we all have a “home” — it is a place we rest our heads, it is the place where we keep all of our stuff, it is the spot we raise our families and live our lives.

BUT, what is it that makes a simple house a “home” = it is the feeling you get when you walk in the door. It is the joy you see on the faces of those that surround you. It is the love you feel within yourself when you are in that space.

Home is a feeling.

Home is what you create out of the building blocks of the house you own (or rent…) Home can also be the way someone makes you feel — that no matter where you are, as long as you are together, you are “home”, you are safe, and you are loved.

Build a “home” and fill it with people, places, and things that you love. Carry those feelings within you always.

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