“Risky” Business

“People Who Embrace Risk Get the Most Rewards.”
-Randy Cassingham, Creator of http://www.ThisisTrue.com

Now, I know you’ve heard this time and time again — but, it is worth taking note of = Nothing good comes from staying in your comfort zone. You grow at a glacial pace. You change very begrudgingly. You live in fear most of the time. (That doesn’t sound like a very fun way to “live”)

When you embrace risk you move forward with the understanding that today can be better than yesterday and that you have the power to make it so. You take the leap in-spite of yourself.

When you are in the flow (even though it is a terrifying free-fall) you are present, you can act accordingly to what the universe is throwing at you, you are aware of where you are and where you want to be, and you are letting go of all the preconceived notions of how you thought it was supposed to be and simply letting it “be”.

You are embracing the risk as well as the chaos. Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit. Habit = comfort zone. Chaos = risk. Without risk there can be no rewards.

The question that remains is: Are you ready for freedom?

I snagged this quote from my mentor, role-model, and boss (yes, this awesome man let’s me work with him). I have watched him over and over take the risk and reap the rewards 🙂 Everything I have learned from Randy is invaluable to the career path I am on (and I’m constantly learning on-the-job).

This is Randy’s main squeeze : the This is True newsletter & this is latest fling : Randy’s Random


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