2010 Sample

You have to admire
When a child’s delight comes from simply acknowledging them … with a smile or a kiss or a hug.
We should all try to reclaim our child-like delights. And find the joy in the little things we now take for granted.
Remember the sheer magnitude of pure & simple Unconditional Love.
-Clare Angelica

Wow, oldie, but goodie. I found this in one of my old journals (yes, post high school, but not long out). Pretty impactful, yet simply put for a young person starting to navigate the world.

Let people be themselves. Acknowledge them (yes, that means lifting your head up from your phone for a bit). Let them see the twinkle in your eyes.

Unconditionally love them — just as much as you unconditionally love yourself. Big leaps start with small steps (and it only takes one to get you moving).

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