Writing 102

Writing Tip #2
Ask Yourself:
What can I fill this with?

I stole this from Austin Kleon (but, it is OK — “stealing” is his thing).

When my eyes came across those words in his novel, Steal Like An Artist, it struck me… That’s exactly what I need to remember to ask myself every-single-time I sit down to write (or be creative in any way, shape, or form).

What do I want to fill this with?

It is YOUR work of art = it is YOUR choice what you want to fill the space you are creating with. Yes, get help where help is needed. Yes, ask questions. Yes, collaborate. Yes, be a hermit and get it all out. Yes, seek fun. Yes, break-up your day with activities that get you outside of yourself.

Now, this can apply to every aspect of your life (if you let it). This statement is not only for the creative mind, but for the productive mind, the business savvy brain, and the engineer (etc…). No matter how you choose to utilize the words above, do it.

It is your time, what do you want to fill it with!?

See Writing 101 for the first tip.

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