It Is Like Starting Over

“Evangeline & Gabriel”
You know the feeling…
Your mind goes blank, your palms get sweaty, your heart beat quickens, and your breath stops short.
Tomorrow night couldn’t come soon enough.
-Clare Angelica

The above is a quote from my up-coming novel, Evangeline & Gabriel — what a wild ride!

Truly, every time I sit down to write it is like starting over for the first time (well, not entirely for the first time…) because each project is different than the last — even during The Siren’s Sea Trilogy. That was a continuation, yet each book is a new tale to be told that enables you to bring it all together in the end.

Evangeline & Gabriel is a standalone novel (no, this one won’t be made into a trilogy), but my style is different than it was with The Siren’s Sea Trilogy — as I’m sure readers can see how I evolved throughout the pages from book one to the last page of book three. (Thank you for sticking with me!)

I love writing. My downfall has been not taking myself (too) seriously and not writing every day, but life is a work in progress. I’m trying out a new routine that will aid me in writing every day because – honestly – I feel better when I’m writing. Life is more balanced, synchronized, lighter, and flows better (as does my writing the more I do it). Plus, the more I write the more I crave it. Truly, it is like an addiction…

Life is fun — do more things that bring you joy every-single-day.

Yes, while you are working on balancing it all out (play, work, being creative, fun, love, etc…) it will feel like your life has been turned on its axis and is being shaken up entirely – every aspect of it will be under scrutiny, not just the points you wanted to focus on. Embrace the chaos & Let go. Fall into the tunnel so that you can come out the other side, and I think you’ll like what you discover not only about your life, but about yourself.

It’s OK = You CAN handle it!

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