We Are ALL a Little of Both

No tree, it is said, can grow to Heaven unless its roots reach down to Hell.
-C.G. Jung

No one (sorry to burst the bubble) can be a sinner without being a saint — no one can be a saint without being a sinner. It is the simple method of cause and effect or what you sow therefore you shall reap.

We are all a little of both — we all have hell-fire in us at one point or another and we all have angels’ wings strapped to our backs. It is simply a question of which we choose to use each day, which we let define us.

I say embrace them both. One cannot live without the other — so make them work with each other. Allow the different personalities within you to unite and make for a better, stronger, independent, loving, joyous, adventurous, courageous person who can willingly take on life and all of its ups and downs.

Heaven and Hell are within you — you are creating them every-single-day through the life you lead. Are you enjoying the ride? If your answer is no, change it. Remember that you had the power to create the world around you so that means that you also have the power to redefine it!

Be patient — grow roots to stabilize you and branches that allow you to expand.

Redefine the definitions so that they work for you ~ Heaven and Hell mean much more than we are taught to believe. Do what works best for YOU and everything will fall perfectly into place.

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