Writing 103

Writing Tip #3
SOMEDAY is Not a Day of the Week.
Start Now!

Seriously… “Someday” isn’t a real day and it is used by procrastinators everywhere to get out of or prolong doing something they find uncomfortable, something they don’t actually want to do, something out of their comfort zone, or a pipe dream they secretly believe to be crazy (but it is thrilling to think about doing).

“Someday”s don’t get anyone anywhere. They leave you right where you are… comfortable, lazy, complacent, subdued…just going through the paces of everyday life.

Do you really want to live that way??

Personally, I fell into this trap recently and I am biting and clawing my way out of it because living that way was making me unhappy. I wasn’t working towards my dreams or a better future. I wasn’t learning something new continuously (a small point I have found is very important to my sanity and well-being = I need to keep learning and pushing myself).

No matter what it is that you have been putting off for “someday” take the time, right now, to sit down with that idea / concept / feeling / etc… and decide if it is really something worth pursuing or something you no longer need and can let go of. Letting go of an idea you have held onto for so long can be utterly liberating and free-up space for new, exciting ideas and occurrences to come your way.

Forget “someday” – it isn’t coming. Start-Right-NOW!

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