Writing 104

Writing Tip #4
Success is not given.
Success is earned!

No matter what you think, all those people you admire or idolize who are at the top of their prospective fields did not get their because of luck.

The successful get to where they are because of : Diligence. Determination. Hard, Continuous Work. Late Nights. Early Mornings. Planning. Showing Up. Asking Questions. Seeking Help. Serving Others. Flexibility. Vision. Communities. Support. Goals. Motivation. And best of all, a Dream – of which they never lost sight of nor did they ever give up on.

And they repeat these activities Every-Single-Day.

If you want to succeed, let go of the idea of a “free-handout”. Get out there and do the work. Figure it out. If you don’t know the answer, seek those who do. If you know the answer, help others on their path to discovering it. Network. Create communities that uplift, serve, and support you (as well as others). Show yourself that you deserve your dreams and show the world that you deserve your dreams by taking action and the necessary steps forward towards the life you want, need, and deserve.

You are worthy.

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