“Evangeline & Gabriel”
Book Excerpt
When two people connect it is like a force of nature that can’t be stopped.
-Clare Angelica

My fourth fiction novel is coming along quite nicely 🙂

Love is wild. Love is free. Love is unpredictable. Love is all consuming. Love is challenging. Love is redeeming. Love is painful. Love is lost. Love is found. Love is recovered. Love is irreparable. Love is growth. Love is discovery. Love is faith. Love is hope.

We aren’t who we are without the people we have loved along the way. We have learned from them and they have learned from us. We discover who we are. We find out what we are capable of. We see what we are willing to do and what we are not willing to do. We test boundaries. We push limits. We repair and we break.

Just like Mother Nature our paths of love cannot be stopped or detained. When we love, we leap.

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