Blog Spot Series

My Blog Spot Series is a compilation of one year’s worth of articles. I have put all the articles into an eBook to make it easier for you to read and enjoy – (without the hassle of having to scroll back through all my article postings).

I have kept the articles pretty well intact with minimal editing so as to show my journey through writer-dom.

My wish for you is this, that the words will … inspire you, insult you, give you hope, push your limits, challenge you, make you feel loved, make you think, help you to release the fear(s) holding you back, give you strength, and allow your inner expression to be released through your outer creativity which in effect leads you down the path to freedom!

Because, essentially, my blog has allowed me to say what I couldn’t, express myself openly, and love every minute of life that I get to take up space in this world (and I get to do so through the freedom of doing what I love).

Enjoy your own journey to freedom.

Blog Spot: Year One ~ eBook

Blog Spot : Year One
By Clare Angelica

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