UPDATED COVER = The Siren’s Sea [v3]: Redemption

Woot-woot! My graphic designer did it again 🙂 I'm so pleased with the new cover for the final installment of The Siren's Sea Trilogy!!! I did a mock cover myself in order to get the ebook up and available for the readers, but now that life has settled down a bit, my guy was able... Continue Reading →

All is Fair in Love and War

Woo-hoo!!! I'm writing again! (And, not about pirates --- who are still very near and dear to my heart.) I am in the rough draft phase of my fourth fiction novel --- this one is getting a little personal, but as @silverman.poetry (Instagram account) said, "We all write, Either to hurt or to heal, Either... Continue Reading →

Advice from Mr Morley

This is why I love reading = it gives you a different outlook. You feel connected to others because you realize you aren't the only one feeling a certain way. The best books "take you away" from where ever you are and transport you into a new world. This is why I love writing =... Continue Reading →

Write What YOU Want

I recently had a friend ask me, "If you could live in a book (forever) what book would it be?" Honestly, I was stumped. I am an avid reader and there are so many things I like about so many books that it is hard to choose. BUT, (after deep contemplation) I said, "The Siren's... Continue Reading →

In Case YOU Ever Wondered…

For the most part anyway.  I write anywhere and everywhere the mood strikes me, but when I sit down to compile it all into a book, it is generally "here". And as you can see it is pretty tidy *right now*. My favorite part of sitting at my desk is looking up at the things... Continue Reading →

Heaven and Hell

Did you know that you are creating your tomorrow RIGHT NOW!? Did you know that your thoughts are setting up mental patterns that manifest in your physical life? Did you know that you are creating your very own Heaven and Hell in your daily life? It's all your choice where and how you want to live... Continue Reading →

Fall in Love

Love is exciting, daring, challenging, easy, trying, unconditional, limitless, uplifting, redeeming, filled with compromise and new things, scary, freeing, relentless, finds you when you least expect it, and worth it. Love is seeing someone's flaws, accepting them, and still choosing to love them. Love is allowing someone to see your flaws and knowing that it... Continue Reading →

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