Against the Grain

By definition: bush·whack ˈbo͝oSHˌ(h)wak/ verb 1. NORTH AMERICANAUSTRALIAN/NZ live or travel in wild or uncultivated country.   Sums it up nicely 🙂 Get out and explore. Discover what you love about life. Have adventures. Love recklessly. Be brave. Be wild. Be free.

Always, Always, Always Time

Life moves quickly. How would you like to pass your time? No matter your age or lot in life, you always have the potential to advance where you are and change what you are doing. Even if your passions don't necessarily bring you income, find something that ignites a fire within you --- you deserve... Continue Reading →

Writing 108

Your suffering begins AND ends with you. Be brave! Get out of your head and starting living = take action! Once you begin moving forward you will notice that all that indecision, blocks, fear, etc... will simply fade. Use your imagination for good instead of self-sabotage. Be your biggest fan.

Good Feels

I notice that I can get antsy, anxious, sad, upset, imbalanced easier when I am not doing what I love --- what brings my heart joy --- or pursuing my passions. No, you don't have to make your hobbies your full-time profession, but you need to find something to offset your life. You need to... Continue Reading →

Writing 107

I loved this and thought it would make a great addition to "Writing Tips"! It is essential to learn the "rules" so that you know what is expected of you --- BUT, once you've got 'em down, feel free to color outside the lines. Become invaluable in your field through your ingenuity, persistence, dedication, and... Continue Reading →

Life in Motion

Keep learning. Keep growing. Keep expanding. Keep going. Life is progress. Life is movement. Continue to move forward and work towards your goals. Succeed. Create new goals. Live, breathe, and be your art. Follow your passions. Find joy every day in what you are undertaking. Continue to be a beautiful work of art in progress... Continue Reading →

Writing 106

Yes, it is true. Writer's Block is nothing more than an excuse to not do what you say you are going to be doing. It is a form of procrastination. Yes, writing is hard at times, BUT the best way to break-up your funk is to WRITE / CREATE! (No one is listening to your... Continue Reading →

You Shall Not Pass

Fear is an interesting thing. We all feel it. We all sense it. We can see it in others. We can recognize it within ourselves. We all react to it in one way or another. Some of us let fear rule us, while others tell it to shove off. No matter what, you know this... Continue Reading →

We Are ALL a Little of Both

No one (sorry to burst the bubble) can be a sinner without being a saint --- no one can be a saint without being a sinner. It is the simple method of cause and effect or what you sow therefore you shall reap. We are all a little of both --- we all have hell-fire... Continue Reading →

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