Always, Always, Always Time

Life moves quickly. How would you like to pass your time? No matter your age or lot in life, you always have the potential to advance where you are and change what you are doing. Even if your passions don't necessarily bring you income, find something that ignites a fire within you --- you deserve... Continue Reading →

Writing 108

Your suffering begins AND ends with you. Be brave! Get out of your head and starting living = take action! Once you begin moving forward you will notice that all that indecision, blocks, fear, etc... will simply fade. Use your imagination for good instead of self-sabotage. Be your biggest fan.

Writing 105

I wish I could tell every struggling creative this! Waiting for inspiration is like waiting for rain in the desert... when it finally does arrive, it drowns you. But, in the meantime (i.e. the waiting period) it devastates you. The best way to break-up your "block" is to sit down and do it = Write.... Continue Reading →

You Shall Not Pass

Fear is an interesting thing. We all feel it. We all sense it. We can see it in others. We can recognize it within ourselves. We all react to it in one way or another. Some of us let fear rule us, while others tell it to shove off. No matter what, you know this... Continue Reading →

To Live or To Stay

No sailor ever told good stories about calm seas... The same is true of your life. Do you want to live in port (your comfort zone) or do you want to sail the seas (surpassing your wildest dreams)? The choice, as it has always been, is yours.

We Are ALL a Little of Both

No one (sorry to burst the bubble) can be a sinner without being a saint --- no one can be a saint without being a sinner. It is the simple method of cause and effect or what you sow therefore you shall reap. We are all a little of both --- we all have hell-fire... Continue Reading →

It Is Stronger Than We Think

So, I omitted a bit of the truth in my last article, "All is Fair in Love and War" --- regarding my latest fictional endeavor¬†Evangeline & Gabriel. I didn't mention the "hurt" of the writing process = it is like the slow rip of a band-aid (putting it mildly - haha). But, love is its... Continue Reading →

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