UPDATED COVER = The Siren’s Sea [v3]: Redemption

Woot-woot! My graphic designer did it again 🙂 I'm so pleased with the new cover for the final installment of The Siren's Sea Trilogy!!! I did a mock cover myself in order to get the ebook up and available for the readers, but now that life has settled down a bit, my guy was able... Continue Reading →

It Is Like Starting Over

The above is a quote from my up-coming novel, Evangeline & Gabriel --- what a wild ride! Truly, every time I sit down to write it is like starting over for the first time (well, not entirely for the first time...) because each project is different than the last --- even during The Siren's Sea Trilogy. That... Continue Reading →

Redemption : Book Excerpt 1

Completing this trilogy has been an uphill ride. I have learned so much about so many aspects of writing that I can do nothing but improve the more, and more, and more I continue to do it (and I most certainly will)! I hope you enjoy the adventure 🙂 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JDIRLTM

Revenge : Book Excerpt 1

Here's an excerpt that a friend of mine loved and I thought I'd share his discovery with you 🙂 Enjoy! Read more about The Siren's Sea Trilogy. The Siren's Sea [v1]: Revenge is the first full-length novel I have EVER written. All my life I have been a "story teller" and this story idea came to... Continue Reading →

The Siren’s Song : Verse 6

So thrilled to have my first trilogy under my belt AND The Siren's Song to go along with it!!! It took me three books to get here, but I finally worked out a song that melded well with the story line. Hopefully you'll enjoy it! You can see the full version in The Siren's Sea [v3]: Reawakening... Continue Reading →

BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT ~ The Siren’s Sea [v3]: Reawakening eBook is Available!!!

Balance must be restored. But, before there can be balance, there must first come chaos. The ghost haunting the Elemental realm finally has a face – and her eyes are as black as the soul that resides within her. A baby is born to Rahn and her husband Christian – the first in at least... Continue Reading →

Reawakening : Book Excerpt 6

Love is something no one can out run, no matter how much time passes. Our hearts will always bleed. Our hearts will always mend. Our hearts will always hold the memory of lost and found. We remember who broke us and we remember who helped us heal. Some twists of fate will lead us back... Continue Reading →

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